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  In this part, there are 20 incomplete sentences. Below each sentence, there are 4 choices respectively marked by letters A, B, C and D. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. There is only ONE right answer. Blacken the corresponding letter as required on your Machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.

  1. We have had to raise the prices of our products because of the increase in the cost of ______ materials.

  A. primitive B. rough

  C. original D. raw

  2. With an eighty-hour week and little enjoyment, life must have been very______ for the students.

  A. hostile B. anxious

  C. tedious D. obscure

  3. Whenever the government increases public services,______ because more workers are needed to carry out these services.

  A. employment to rise B. employment rises

  C. which rising employment D. the rise of employment

  4. Our flight to Guangzhou was ______ by a bad fog and we had to stay much longer in the hotel than we had expected.

  A. delayed B. adjourned

  C. cancelled D. preserved

  5. Container-grown plants can be planted at any time of the year, but ______ in winter.

  A. should be B. would be

  C. preferred D. preferably

  6. Both longitude and latitude ______ in degrees, minutes and seconds.

  A. measuring B. measured

  C. are measured D. being measured

  7. Most comets have two kinds of tails, one made up of dust, ______ made up of electrically charged particles called plasma.

  A. one another B. the other

  C. other ones D. each other

  8. Good pencil erasers are soft enough not ______ paper but hard enough so that they crumble gradually when used.

  A. by damaging B. so that they damage

  C. to damage D. damaging

  9. The magician picked several persons ______ from the audience and asked them to help him with the performance.

  A. by accident B. at random

  C. on occasion D. on average

  10. On turning the comer, they saw the path ______ steeply.

  A. departing B. descending

  C. decreasing D. degenerating

  11. English language publications in China are growing in volume and ______.

  A. circulation B. rotation

  C. circumstance D. appreciation

  121. Hydroponics ______ the cultivation of plants without soil.

  A. does B. is

  C. do D. are

  13. To impose computer technology ______ teachers is to create an environment that is not conducive to learning.

  A. with B. to

  C. in D. on

  14. Marketing is ______ just distributing goods from the manufacturer to the final customer.

  A. rather than B. other than

  C. bigger than D. more than

  15. ______ a language family is a group of languages with a common origin and similar vocabulary, grammar, and sound system.

  A. What linguists call B. It is called by linguists

  C. Linguists call it D. What do linguists call

  16. In the eighteenth century, the town of Bennington, Vermont, was famous for ______ pottery.

  A. it made B. its

  C. the making D. where its

  17. ______ get older, the games they play become increasingly complex.

  A. Children B. Children, when they

  C. As children D. For children to

  18. ______ of his childhood home in Hannibal, Missouri, provided Mark Twain with the inspiration for two of his most popular novels.

  A. Remembering B. Memories

  C. It was the memories D. He remembered

  19. Dust storms most often occur in areas where the ground has little vegetation to protect ______ of the wind.

  A. from the effects B. it the effects

  C. it from the effects D. the effects from it

  20. Most nurses are women, but in the higher ranks of the medical profession women are a ______.

  A. scarcity B. minority

  C. minimum D. Shortage


  1.D [分析] 近义辨析。

  A.primitive原始的,粗糙的,简单的,B.rough粗糙的,粗略的,大致的: C.original最初的,原始的,独创的:D.raw 未加工的,生的,处于自然状态的,此处是指原材料,因此答案为D。

  2.C [分析] 词义辨析。


  3.B [分析] 语法应用。


  4.A [分析] 近义辨析。

  A.delayed耽搁,延误,推迟(指由于某种原因推迟,稍后还将继续,但不表明延期的具体时间);如:The accident delayed the train.火车因事故晚点。 B.adjourned使中止,推迟(一般指会议休会,则其在继续开);如:The hearing will be adjourned until tomorrow morning.听证会推迟到明天上午举行。C.cancelled取消,D.preserved保存,保藏。

  5.D [分析] 词义辨析。

  should be/would be应是;preferred首选的(adj.);preferably更适宜,最好是 (adv.);因此应填D。

  6.C [分析] 语法应用。


  7.B [分析] 形近识别。

  one another互相(原则上,两个人/两个时用each other,三个人/三个以上则用one another);如:They looked at one another.他们彼此看着对方:each other相互;如:They respect each other.他们互相尊重;the other(在两个之中的)另一方(表示两者之中剩下的那一个);因此应填B。

  8.C [分析] 语法应用。


  9.B [分析] 习语辨析。

  A.by accident偶然;B.at random随便地,任意地,胡乱地:C.on occasion有时,D.on average平均起来;因此B为答案。

  10.B[分析] 形近识别。

  A.departing出发,背离;B.descending下降;如:The path descends sharply.这条小径向下急降(下斜坡度很陡)。C.decreasing减少,渐减; D.degenerating退化,因此选项B是答案。

  11.A[分析] 词义辨析。

  A.circulation流通,传播:B.rotation旋转,C.circumstance条件,细节, D.appreciation欣赏,正确评价,增值,此句意为:在中国,英语出版物在产量与销量(发行量/传递/流通)上日益增加。因此应选A。

  12.B[分析] 语法应用。


  13.D[分析] 固定搭配。

  impose+名词+on/upon(对……)课税,使负担,把(想法等)强加(于某人),强迫(某人)接受:如:He always tries to impose his opinion on others.他总是想强迫别人接受他的意见。因此选D。

  14.D[分析] 习语辨析。

  A.rather than胜于,B.other than不同于,除了;C.bigger than大于;D.more than多过……,不止……,……以上;如:The consequence was much more than he imagined.结果远超过他的想象。本句意为:营销不仅仅是将货物从生产者向最终客户的分配。因此选D。

  15.A[分析] 语法应用。

  本句是用名词性从句What do linguists call a language family作主语,意思是语言学家将一组有着共同起源,类似词汇、语法及音系的语言称为语系。

  16.B[分析] 语法应用。

  本句意为:在十八世纪,本宁顿城和佛蒙特城以其制陶业而闻名:因此应填代词的所有格。如:The small town is famous for its fine park.这座小城以漂亮的公园著称。

  17.C[分析] 语法应用。

  本句逗号前是状语从句,空白处应填连词;主句主语是the games,因此选项A、B、D均不对:只有as“随着”符合句意,所以C为答案。

  18.B[分析] 语法应用。

  此处考强调句型:It is/was+强调成分+that/who;意为:是对童年家乡(汉尼拔和密苏里)的回忆使得马克吐温产生了灵感,写出了他最著名两部小说。因此选项B为答案。

  19.C[分析] 固定搭配。

  protect sth.from/against...保护;如:He is wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes from the strong sunlight.他戴着太阳镜以挡强烈的阳光。因此选项C是答案。

  20.B[分析] 词义辨析。

  A.scarcity 缺乏,不足,罕见;B.minority 少数,少数民族;C.minimum 最小值;D.shortage 不足,缺乏:因此选项B为答案。